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Briswim pH Reducer 10kg, 1015721

Briswim pH Reducer lowers the pH in the spa and hot tub water to ensure the water is balanced to an ideal range of between 7.2 - 7.8 ppm.  When the pH rises above 7.6 ppm, the water becomes alkaline and your sanitization is reduced.

Pack sizes:  10 x 1kg

The water tends to become cloudy with a smell of chlorine, eye irritation, and a scale build-up that may also occur.

Spa Treatment:

- Test the pH and chlorine/bromine daily using a suitable test kit.
- At a pH reading of 8.0 add 60gms of pH Reducer per 1000ltrs.
- Add directly to the spa/hot tub water.
- Allow water to circulate for 1hour and restest.
- Add more pH Reducer as required.

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Briswim pH Reducer 10kg

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