Chinese Spa Parts

SpaChem Trade has sourced and team up with the worlds finest and highest quality Chinese spa parts manufacturer, which places SpaChem Trade at the forefront of supplying quality parts for Chinese spas and hot tubs not only throughout the United Kingdom but anywhere in Europe.

Carrying a vast array of Spa Pumps, Sensors, Heaters, Control Boxes, Blowers, and Jets to Filters and Plumbing... and much more!, the array of parts cover all the major Chinese brands such as Rising Dragon, LVJ, LX, S&G, JNJ, HLW, which means we've got you covered, not only this within in our filter sections we also cover all the ranges of filters you would need and you can search by spa brand.  

Chinese spa and hot tubs parts play a large role within the hot tub market and maintaining your spa with high grade quality parts will without doubt increase the longevity of your spa. 

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