• HTH Duration 2 x 45kg

HTH Duration 2 x 45kg, SCT10015905

A 300g bullet-shaped Calcium Hypochlorite tablet that provides a slower release of the active ingredient than normal HTH® Disinfecting Tablets. This product is an effective fungicide and bactericide for the disinfection of potable water. 68% available chlorine Slow release of active ingredient compared to HTH® Disinfecting Tablets Do not leave a residue Typical dissolution rates average between 50–55 hours depending on water temperature, water characteristics, flow velocities and dynamics To be dosed manually or with an effective reservoir canister/dispenser Dry, solid and stable product It is used in potable water treatment as top-up chlorination or for the re-chlorination in reservoirs, it can also be used in swimming pools when placed in the skimmer Reduces slime growth in water systems Aids in killing harmful bacteria, waterborne diseases and viruses Product packaging size: 45kg pails

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HTH Duration 2 x 45kg

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