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  • Instant Filter Cleaner 6 x 500ml

Instant Filter Cleaner 6 x 500ml, SCT10015517


1. Remove filter(s) from the spa or hot tub compartment.
2. Immediately place the
filter(s) into a suitable clean bucket and allow the water to drain, then dispose of this water.
3. Spray the Spa Instant Filter all over the
filter “veins” allowing good penetration of product, ensure the product is applied in a well-ventilated area, and avoid applying during windy days.
4. The trace dye will show where the Spa Instant Filter has been applied, do not over apply the product.
5. Leave to soak in the clean bucket for 30 – 40 minutes and away from direct sunlight.
6. Rinse cartridge with hose ensuring all product is removed, foaming will occur during this process.
7. When clean return the cartridge(s) to the spa or hot tub compartment
8. If you experience difficulties please contact your local dealer.

• Always ensure bathers are out of the water when adding chemicals.
• Never mix with any other chemicals including cleaning products, weed killers, and chlorine products, as a dangerous reaction may occur.
• Always handle products in a well-ventilated area.
• Always wash hands thoroughly after handling chemicals.
• Store in a cool, dry, well ventilated, secure place. Ensure chemicals do not become damp in storage.
• Instructions and dosages given are a guide to the most effective use.

• This container must not be used or contaminated with any other materials.

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Instant Filter Cleaner 6 x 500ml

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