• Fire Extinguisher Training Course

Fire Extinguisher Training Course, HST003

This Fire Extinguisher Training course teaches you about the various types of fire extinguishers and the techniques for using them.

It explains how to assess the situation if a fire starts, such as determining the class of fire and deciding whether you should or shouldn’t fight it. It also contains infographics and videos to illustrate how different extinguishers look and operate, as well as practical exercises throughout to test your knowledge of techniques. On completion of the course, you will feel confident to use extinguishers or a fire blanket safely and effectively during an emergency.

  • - Developed by Health & Safety Professionals
  • - Accredited by CPD and Approved by RoSPA
  • - Fully online course and assessment with no time limits
  • - Full audio voiceover
  • - Approximate duration: 2 hours
  • - On completion, certificate is posted the next working day

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is designed for the designated fire wardens or marshals in a workplace. While it is not a replacement for practical training in how to use fire extinguishers (which all fire wardens / marshals must receive), our course can be taken as an introduction to using fire extinguishers before you undergo practical training, as well as a refresher after receiving practical instruction.

Practical fire extinguisher training is typically refreshed every 3 years, so this course can act as a useful reminder in between your practical sessions. It'll solidify your knowledge and give you the confidence to use an extinguisher safely in an emergency.

Course Content

This course contains four accessible, interactive modules and includes an assessment at the end.

1Types of Fires and ExtinguishersWhy is fire extinguisher training important, the fire triangle, classes of fire, and types of extinguishers.
2Preparing to Fight a FireWho should fight fires, what should you do before fighting a fire, when should you use an extinguisher, and when should you fight fire with a blanket.
3Using Fire Extinguishers SafelySelecting an extinguisher, the PASS technique, basic steps for using an extinguisher, how to use water extinguishers, how to use ABC powder extinguishers, how to use M28 and L2 powder extinguishers, how to use foam extinguishers, how to use carbon dioxide extinguishers, how to use wet chemical extinguishers, how to use a fire blanket, and what to do if you can't put out a fire.

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Fire Extinguisher Training Course

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