CPF Solutions Trade Spa pH Plus is used to increase or elevate the pH balance of the Spa, Hot Tub & Pool water, the correct pH balance is critical to ensure bather comfort and to minimise damage to the fabric of the Spa / Hot Tub. The correct pH balance for Spa / Hot Tub water is 7.4 – 7.6

  • High Grade & Qualilty pH Plus / pH Increaser
  • Helps balance and increase pH Levels in your Spa, Hot Tub & Pool
  • Ensure your Total Alkalinity (Your Buffer) is balanced
  • To increase pH readings add 10 g per 1000 ltrs of Spa and Hot Tub water sprinkling product directly to the water with circulation on. This application will lower the pH by approximately 0.2ppm
  • Use a good quality test kit to determine the pH and/or the Total Alkalinity reading.

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pH Plus Increaser 4 x 5kg - CPF Solutions

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