Air Blowers

SpaChem Trade's supply of Chinese spa & hot tubs parts, in this section we have listed a core range of LX Air Blowers, these air blowers are the most common in Chinese manufactured hot tubs.

No matter which brand type you choose all spa & hot tub air blowers fundamentally working in the same way with the spa blower motor drawing air from inside the hot tub in the vicinity of the hot tub blower and sending it under pressure to the air injector jets via the air manifold.

LX Pump Co company was founded in 1980, is a set in the integration of design & production the company manufacture a full range of LX Pumps, LX SPA pump, LX whirlpool bath pump, LX swimming pool pump, LX pool and SPA pump, LX hot tub pump, LX bathtub pump, LX SPA pump, LX hydro massage bathtub pump, LX flow type heater, LX air blower, LX stainless steel jet pump, LX stainless steel centrifugal pump and swimming pool equipment. Annual production capacity achieve to 2 million units. LX is the largest manufacturer of SPA pump, whirlpool bath pump, swimming pool pump, jet garden pump, stainless steel centrifugal pump and swimming pool equipment in China.

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