Pool Chlorine

SpaChem Trade Chlorine granules and tablets are a widely used primary sanitizer for pools, chlorine granules, and chlorine tablets formats of chlorine have been used extensively for cleaning water, our liquid format Sodium Hypochlorite 14/15% or lower format set at 10/11% has been used for many decades now and is one of the safest sanitizers to use.

Our wide range of options to suit your business requirements, for example on this page, you will find Chlorine mini tablets and granules in both 1kg and 5kg pack sizes and in trade pack sizes of 6 x 1kg and 4 x 5kg bulk.

To assist in the correct dispensing of the chlorine tablets 20g we also offer a range of Chlorine floating devices that will help you maintain your pool water and have the right levels of sanitization with Chlorine, other more commercial applications with dosing units using Sodium Hypochlorite in 20ltr drums and also in IBC format. 


Pool Chlorine Granules 6 x 1kg

Pool Chlorine Granules 6 x 1kg

Pool Stabilised Chlorine Granules - Rapid dissolving Chlorine Granules, for disinfection of swimming..

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